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 At Xcuity you can rest at ease, there are NO long term contracts.  We are a month-to-month service provider.

Our Mission

To provide our customers the most reliable phone service at the best prices while supporting their needs with integrity and sincerity.

Who we are

In your business there is no other service more critical than your communications. We understand that the phone is the lifeblood of almost every business. When it comes to trusting such a critical component to another company, you need them to be reliable above all else. To us, reliability is the lifeblood of our relationships with our customers. This is why we put so much effort into building a first class network to deliver services. Self healing, with no single point of failure guarantees that your calls always get delivered.

Second only to reliability, we believe that integrity dictates the strength of our relationships with our customers. So long as you feel like you've been treated fairly, there's no reason to consider other providers. That's why our integrity shines in our service and pricing. While other providers look to make the most money with the least effort, we're honing our skills to provide you the best prices while always being there to support you.

Our Features

• Digital VoIP (SIP) Trunk with unlimited calls to US & Canada
• Toll-Free phone numbers | DID phone numbers
• Share multi-user voice mailbox
• Auto-Attendant | Dial by Name Directory | After Hours Auto Attendant
• User Voicemail | Voice Mail to Email Alert | Voice Mail Forwarding
• Send to Voice Mail | Transfer to Voice Mail | Web Voice Mail
• MWI (Message Waiting Indicator)
• Blind | Supervised | External Transfers
• Conference | Join | Split Calls
• Faxing services
• Call Parking
• Do Not Disturb (DND)
• My Status | Presence
• Speed Dial Directory | Customized Ring Tones
• User | Agent | Manager | Administrator Web Portal’s
• Professional Call Queue with ACD
• Live Call Monitoring | Live call Coaching
• Call Recording
• Conference Bridges
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